Happy Blogiversary – The Right DB turns One!

One year ago I made the impulse decision to create a blog and just two days after that I mentally beat myself up for believing that my life was even remotely interesting enough to write about. Now, 367 days later here I am writing this celebratory post, time sure does fly doesn't it? I remember … Continue reading Happy Blogiversary – The Right DB turns One!


“Major-Shaming” A Concept 

Major-Shaming (n.) – a social stigma placed on individuals in a collegiate setting for dedicating themselves to a field of study that may reduce socioeconomic mobility. – i.e. – "Stressed? you're a(n) _______ major you don't know what stress it." "What do you mean you're tired? You're a(n) ________ major, you don't do anything to be … Continue reading “Major-Shaming” A Concept