Meet me, Leah


Hello there, I’m Leah!

A Louisiana native and a twenty-something-year-old Hulu pundit who’s slowly gravitating towards Netflix (oh no) I am also the mastermind behind the safe haven ‘The Right Directions’ where every story is a masterpiece, and every open letter is art, no matter what *ding*.

Now that, that’s over let’s get down to business – to defeat the Huns (love you forever if you understand that reference.)

Anywho, I am a Biology turned English major studying at the University of Louisiana, a rather odd transition I know but I can confidently say that as I’m typing this I’m not having any science withdrawals so, so far so good. I do this thing where I refer to myself (and almost everybody around me) as a potato and have an unhealthy obsession with cheesecake, house plants, and cute baby goat videos. Even though I’m an English major, I am not a stickler for accuracy, grammatically that is, run-on sentences and comma splices are kind of my thing (see what I did there?)

I started this blog in the summer of 2016 in an attempt to become better at expressing myself. So if you’re into categorizing, I guess you could say that this is sort of like a personal growth journey-diary-thing. So here we are…

Thanks for stopping by!