Embrace the New Year

We never know exactly what to expect in the year to come but we always look forward to it. Partly because I mean we have no choice, a new year is going to burst in guns blazing whether we want it to or not, but if we’re getting technical, which of course I am because it’s me, then let’s face it after experiencing the trials and tribulations of the year before first-hand, we could all use a fresh start you know what I mean?

2018 is the Year of the Dog and while I’m not really one with my Chinese astrology, or any astrology for that matter, this year looks pretty promising. According to the secret wonders of ancient Chinese horoscope, this year is supposed to be the year of action – focusing on social, lifestyle and societal change in a major way. And change is good so I mean I’m all for it but I’m trying to dig deeper this year, be a little more…selfish? Yeah let’s go with that. Let’s be a bit selfish this year! And no I don’t mean disregard the feelings of others completely because the Year of Action will turn into a year of people about that action and I think we’re all actioned out.

In lieu of the ‘new year, new me’ resolutions here are a few tips to thee [to consider]

  • Try not to get too caught up in the “big picture,” celebrate the small successes.
  • Save event memorabilia (movie, concert, etc. tickets etc. etc.) and take lots of pictures – make a memory book – don’t limit your memories to mental recollections.
  • Like I said before, this year is all about YOU so take this time to figure out your what and why. Again start small, don’t focus too much on your destination – pay attention instead to the things that surround the road you’re taking they could take you further – like a road trip, take the time to acknowledge that things outside [of your journey] exist instead of taking naps and asking “how long till we get there?”
  • Say bye-bye to that comfort zone, baby – but be mindful that it’s still on your terms.
  • Try not to bring old energy into the new days. (let’s work on optimism together)
  • Remember to be open and embrace new opportunities as they come to you.
  • Don’t forget to step back and check up on the people around you, support systems need support.
  • And most importantly, she says for the hundredth time, take care of you find that mental, emotional, and physical balance.

Relaxxxxx baby and cheers to the New Year!


13 thoughts on “Embrace the New Year

  1. BehindTheSchmile says:

    Wishing you an awesome 2017! Learning to enjoy the small successes is something I learnt this year and definitely something I plan to continue! Great tips that we should all learn to live by daily, not just when a new year is around the corner!

    Liked by 1 person

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