20 Things I’ve Learned in 20 Years – A Birthday Memoir 

In honor of officially living out two decades on this thing called earth, I’ve decided to curate this short list of 20 things that I’ve learned in the past twenty years. Obviously not in the order I’ve been learning them but you know…

  1. It’s okay to say “Goodbye.”
  2. Saying “No” doesn’t make you a terrible person.
  3. Lists are hard…very, very, very hard.
  4. Just because you travel down a different road doesn’t mean you won’t get to the same destination.
  5. Trying new things WON’T kill you.
  6. Time to yourself is a virtue. (even if it’s like 20 minutes in the shower)
  7. You got this.
  8. Spanish.
  9. You have to go through the things you want to get over.
  10. Curious George didn’t have a tail.
  11. Money pays the bills….and that’s it
  12. “A fella can’t make me fancy” – Beyoncé
  13. Silence is an answer.
  14. You should never have to compromise your feelings for someone else and I mean that in the most open-minded, non-selfish way.
  15. Oysters are not my friend.
  16. First impressions aren’t everything. In fact, they’re almost always overdone or go terribly.
  17. There’s progress in the process 
  18. Writing is fun when there’s room to be creative.
  19. Natural selection is actually pretty cool.
  20. I am blessed and also hilarious. Great combination

Cheers to twenty years!



13 thoughts on “20 Things I’ve Learned in 20 Years – A Birthday Memoir 

  1. angelanoelauthor says:

    I love #20. Great list! Though, as a reader of the Curious G, I had to look up that tail thing. You are absolutely RIGHT. The dude does not have a tail. Mind. Blown. Thanks for the post!

    Liked by 1 person

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