Happy Blogiversary – The Right DB turns One!

One year ago I made the impulse decision to create a blog and just two days after that I mentally beat myself up for believing that my life was even remotely interesting enough to write about. Now, 367 days later here I am writing this celebratory post, time sure does fly doesn’t it? I remember when I got my first like, I was smiling the whole day and I still get just as excited now as I did then it’s like…I’m not just speaking jibberish? You’re listening to me? AND you agree? I appreciate you, the world needs more of you. I actually passed the exact year mark on July 1st but I wasn’t sure how I’d celebrate this amazing moment, which is why it took a bit to get this out. Would I make a post about what I learned in my past year of writing? Create a list of the posts that I’m most proud of? What?

Then I decided that there was only one real way to celebrate and that’s by saying, thank you:

For giving me the opportunity to grow, as a writer and person

For each and every “like”, share, pin, retweet, stumble, and tweet!

For following me on Pinterest, Instagram and keeping up with as well as interacting with me on Facebook and Twitter!

For all of the wonderful comments, conversations, feedback, advice, bloggerships, and featured opportunities!
Most of all I want to thank each and every e-mail subscriber, follower and real stand-up people that just so happened to stumble upon this space and hang out with me. My heart is so full,


Happy 1 Year Anniversary to The Right Directions and may there be many more to celebrate.



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