The Road So Far….

I want to do a quick PSA for those of you who’ve realized – by the title of this post exactly where this is going. So PSA: If you’re a SUPERNATURAL fan and you haven’t seen the 2-part season 12 finale:

  • Please, I love you, do not deprive yourself any longer of the Sam, Dean, Crowley, Castiel, and Luci weekly fix that you deserve.
  • It’s 2-hours okay? (Real-time and Netflix-time don’t feel the same but it’s 2-hours/2 episodes I promise) What else do I have to say besides TREAT YOURSELF!
  • And finally, this is where we part because things are about to get super spoil-y.

Now to those of you who are still here, fluff that pillow up and get comfortable we have a lot to discuss, and boy do I mean a. lot.

I wasn’t able to watch or live-tweet with the SPN Twitter/Tumblr family like I usually do on Thursdays so I actually just finished watching the finale and my mind is all over the place, I don’t even know how to feel at this point okay? So I’m just going to throw everything in the air as it comes and attempt to create some sort of organized path of Winchester magic as I go, let’s get started!


Actually, I just want to throw this in before I start, I’m watching TWD (The Walking Dead) and I don’t know why but I kind of wished that Jared and Jensen crossed over into TWD like Jeffery (played John Winchester in SPN and Negan in TWD) did. I think that, that would’ve been really cool especially if they would’ve teamed up with Steven Yeun and Norman Reedus (Glenn and Darryl respectively in TWD) because I don’t know if it’s just me but I see a lot of Sam in Glenn and a lot of Dean in Darryl and that could be the main reason I’m obsessed with them right now and started watching TWD in the first place, but that was just a super long sidenote let’s get back to what really matters…


  • The British Men of Letters – Ketch, Toni, Dr. Hess, Mick, etc. (good riddance, though I was growing tolerable of Mick)
  • Eileen (she gave me Charlie vibes with the boys and I think that’s why her death stressed me out so much)
  • Kelly
  • Crowley (twice, might I add)
  • Rowena
  • Castiel…again

Now, out of all these deaths I know a lot of the SPN family’s going to say Castiel hurt the most, but I mean come on Cass dies a lot, the sting is there but it’s nothing compared to Crowley freaking dying come on?! Okay sure he’s had his fair share of “deaths” too but he’s always found another vessel to hide in until everything’s blown over.



And I know he said that he was doing it because he hates Lucifer with everything in him but guys he sacrificed himself for the boys and Dean included him in the family, on the lowest of keys (I’m not crying). Like, come on when has Dean ever said he TRUSTED Crowley?? Even if a ‘sometimes’ followed right after that he still said it, meaning that he was deemed an honorable mention on the Winchester family roster. And you know what really sucks?

Crazy uncle, former King of Hell, Crowley isn’t coming back.

Maybe between now and the fall when S13 is set to air it’ll change? But according to Mark himself that ‘maybe’ isn’t too promising. Another one of my favorites gone *deepest sigh known to man* I’m really going to miss him.

Speaking of gone though, you know who I wish was gone? Or who would’ve never come back even? HA! Managed to narrow it down to just about everyone in the show so you could guess – you love me? I know.

Anyway, it’s Mary.

Oh don’t look at the screen like that, deep down I’m sure you felt the same way at some point in the season. I mean sure in the beginning when Dean found her in the street that night it was MAJOR FEELS, but shockingly, or not so much, she got old really quickly. Her antics just really made me miss John, but I’m sure he would’ve made the boys even more vulnerable than they already are with Mary so in all honesty I’m conflicted.

Other Things…

  • When Cas did the two-finger sedation touch on Sam and Dean at the sandbox I. Lost. It. I actually paused the episode and had an obnoxiously loud screaming conversation of disbelief with myself for like 5 minutes. Seriously, I didn’t know how much I missed old SPN until I saw that and then it was like we got S4 Serious Castiel back for like 2 seconds and I really enjoyed that, it made me happy.
  • The family moment guys. Right before Sam and Jody went to fight The British Men of Letters and Dean told Sam that he wasn’t going because of his leg *feels* Then when Sam kicked ass and came back to the bunker and he, Dean, and Mary shared a family group hug *feeeeeels* I love my boys, ugh.
  • And Lucifer is officially back…Again??? I’m actually really interested in seeing how this whole thing will pan out though, being that you know Sam, Dean, and Jack the Nephilim are on Earth while Luci and Mary are seemingly stuck in the other post-apocalyptic-Sam-and-Dean-were-never-born-angel-killing-bullets-and-demons-with-horns Earth (this is hilarious actually). Also, does this mean that Bobby’s back too? I mean he is in that alternate Earth world with Mary Campbell, as far as he knows, so does that mean that for like the first few episodes of S13 they’re going to team up and hang out with Lucifer? – Obviously, I don’t actually mean hang out but you know, try to figure out how to get back to real Earth?
  • Speaking of Jack the freaking Nephilim, WHY IS HE IN ADULT BODY FORM ALREADY? I know he’s not of this world, but I thought he’d age like Amara did, gradually but still quickly BUT NO. NO OF COURSE NOT. NOT LUCIFER’S SON. I have a feeling that Jack’s going to go rogue – obviously right because I didn’t believe that “paradise” bit for one second. This is the literally the spawn of Satan we’re talking about here come on now. – and Cas is going to be the only one who can stop him since he was chosen by him after all. But then I also have a feeling that Cas is going to go rogue too?? You know since he is coming back after all. Heh.

There was a lot more going on in the season finale of S12 than usual don’t you think? Which means there’s a lot to look forward to in S13 and as usual I cannot wait.

Until next time, SPN Family.



[Gif source: mooseleys]


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