Love is…

Happy first of the month to you all!

The year is off to an interesting start and what a coincidence it is that today is the second day of February, the home of Valentines Day and I’m talking about love, I definitely did not plan this but it’s rather genius don’t you think?

So, what is love to you?

To me, love is unconscious. You don’t actually know what it is you’re experiencing but you know that you feel something and you embrace, even it at a young age, before you can find the words to describe it.

My classes this semester have really gotten my mind racing in the past month or so and not in the sense that I’m stressing to make sure everything is done, and done perfectly well at that, but in the sense that they’ve really got me thinking about perspectives. I mean I’ve always considered how others viewed things but I never spent much time on trying to understand how or why someone would see something the way that they do, I’d usually just take their opinions and stick them in my pocket referring to them whenever I needed. I’ll admit, this new method is actually pretty refreshing. I mean when the center of most of our interactions are through social medias (i.e. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) you kind of forget that people actually do have different takes on things like love for example.

Twitter has a very negative connotation of love although there are some people who view it as something beautiful, majority of the ‘great beyond’ usually just bombard you with the belief that,

“This generation doesn’t want love they just want a good time”  (i.e. “I’m here for a good time not a long time” and I’m totally only using that for this case because it fits)


“Love is too stressful and not worth the effort you put in because someone’s always going to be more into one than the other is”

I’m cringing just typing that up. I mean sure it’s plausible but it’s not a stone cold fact. And not to stray away from the topic at hand but I think people forget that love exists in platonic relationships altogether and that love and intimacy aren’t necessarily synonymous, but that’s another topic for another day.

Anywho, when the question was posed to my classmates I was surprised to hear how optimistic they were even if they acknowledged that love could be something negative, they still embraced the warmth of it and I think that’s a really beautiful thing. When you understand that you’re risking everything to be happy because of course, you deserve to be, and still allow yourself to be vulnerable, not stupid, enough to experience an unexplainable fondness for another human being. I believe that’s something truly worth trying for.




4 thoughts on “Love is…

  1. Traci York says:

    After being with hubby for close to thirty years (almost twenty-eight of those married), you’d think I’d be somewhat well-versed in what love is. However at the moment, all I can picture is something that transpired yesterday – I usually help hubby get out the door to work, but I’m having my turn with a nasty cold virus (hubby had it last week), so I wasn’t up for it. In the midst of his morning routine, hubby made a point of preparing a bottle of Emergen-C (loaded with cold-kicking vitamins) for me, and brought it out to the bedroom as he said goodbye. That’s love. 😀


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