What’s Your Passion?

It scares me a bit that every time you hear or see the word ‘passion’ the words ‘job’ or ‘career’ aren’t that far behind.

Ever since I was a little tater-tot I’d been saying that I wanted to be a doctor, “to give people shots so they would jump out of the window.” Now, I have no idea why I was so fixated on giving out shots so people would skyrocket out of an office window but, hey. Being a doctor isn’t my passion though, and saying that it isn’t my passion doesn’t make me not want to pursue my career choice. I’ve never been an actual doctor so how on earth does my passion coincide with my future career? I have a desire to be a doctor so that I am able to help people while they unknowingly help me. It sounds cliche though, I know, every time you ask someone in the medical field why they chose this path it’s always the same auto-generated answer “I want to help people.” There are so many different ways you could help people so why like this, why this way? I don’t have an answer for you personally, right now “helping people” is good enough for me but I did not make this post to talk about my career choice I made it because I’m now curious. I was laying down a few minutes ago watching older episodes of Supernatural and I caught the infamous “saving people, hunting things that’s what we do” in one of the flashbacks they do before the actual episode starts. (Supernatural fans you know what I’m talking about & also hooray for a 13th season renewal!!) I had no intentions of analyzing Sam and Dean’s life choices but throughout the entire episode my subconscious was doing her thing and mid episode I word vomited “What are you passionate about?” Weird right? So random but it really got me thinking. I’ve always wondered what I was passionate about but being that I don’t have an honest favorite color, food, or anything of that nature, my lack of answers to the question never struck me as odd, but alas here I am this time not curious about what my passion is but why I’m not passionate about anything. I mean I like a lot of stuff and I have a knack for certain things but does that mean I’m passionate about it as well?

I think I’m having a hard time drawing the lines between liking something, being good at something and being passionate about something. It’s a delicate word, not usually thrown around as freely as others words that I can’t think of right now are. Usually (not all the time but most times) when I hear people say they’re passionate about something it’s because they’ve been doing it literally their entire lives. The only thing I’ve had the opportunity of dealing with my whole life is school, that may be the reason I’m so hard on myself about it, which is not at all healthy by the way, but does me wanting to be good in school mean I’m passionate about it? If so my perception of passion has been completely misconstrued.

Maybe I’m just overreacting, the semester’s just starting off and I’m not completely engulfed in work which has given me time to rack my brain, redecorate, and clean out my closet. I know passions don’t just fall from the sky wrapped in pretty paper with your name on it, but I didn’t think I’d have to erase my entire being and build it up again just to find it. Is it possible to have a passion and not know why you’re passionate about it? Maybe not having all the answers is the why you’re so passionate about it. So caught up in the feelings that it’s the only way you could explain what it is you’ve grown so fond of.

Okay so maybe I don’t know what my passion is right now it’s not the end of the world right? It’s not uncommon to not know your passions, I’ve asked around and I did my Googles, not knowing doesn’t make you lesser it just means you have a bit of soul searching to do. I’m content with not knowing the specific what or why right now, it’s given me time to taste test a little bit of everything. No, I don’t want to stray away from figuring out what the (mine, personally) big picture is because I’m just “content” but I also don’t want to spend the rest of my life timid and constantly searching for answers, the idea of that is seemingly more miserable than being content and unaware. So I guess in a way I’m content and aware, because of trial and error of course…

That works.



10 thoughts on “What’s Your Passion?

  1. nineteenthharmony says:

    After starting my blog in April, I discovered that my passion is writing. It’s liberating and therapeutic for me. Your post reminded me that you don’t always need a super profound explanation for your passion. How it makes you feel is good enough sometimes.

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  2. Davina Moneé says:

    Hi Leah! Interesting read! I also loved helping people and thought teaching would be my calling…then I didn’t feel the same once I was actually in my senior yr. of my college. I graduated with my bachelors in English Education and went on to be a teacher knowing I didn’t want to stay in it. Fast forward through years of teaching and now I’m 27 pursuing my masters in Marriage and Family Counseling. It’s like as I continue on my passion for helping people is evolving, (not really changing completely). Looking back all my life I loved talking about love, dating, and relationships…didn’t see it as a job though. Now I have a blog about healthy relationships where I’m using my skills of teaching and writing in something I love talking about…All this to say that I think you’re right, being a doctor may not be your calling but all the things you pick up along the way may be used to do something random that you love/enjoy. Don’t worry about not knowing…I’m almost 30 and it’s still coming.

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  3. drallisonbrown says:

    I was thinking the same thing, fattymccupcakes! Writing has always come easily for me, and I’ve done it all my life, but it wasn’t until very recently that I realized it is my passion! And, it’s not my job. I’m a counselor, and while I like my job, I’m definitely not passionate about it!

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  4. Thoroughly Modern Emily says:

    Honestly, I think understand *why* you had a desire to be a doctor is the first step to finding your true passions. Those underlying reasons and motives are important! They can turn a job into a calling, even f you didn’t necessarily expect it to work out so well on paper.

    Also: ‘ever since I was a little tatertot’ cracked me up!



  5. Liesbet says:

    I know what I am passionate about (travel and being free), but I do not know what my talent is. And, I’ve heard that everyone has a certain talent, something that they are really good at… But, instead of trying to figure that one out, I’ll just follow my passions. 🙂

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  6. fattymccupcakes says:

    I’m not sure how old you are, but it took me A LONG time to figure out that what I’m most passionate about is writing. I started my first blog when I was 27. It is TOTALLY OK to not know what you’re passionate about yet. And, I totally get what you mean about the disconnect between things you’re passionate about and what you’re good at. Great post!

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