“I’m 100% Sure I’ll Need This!” Six things you buy for college that you’ll most likely NEVER use.

As the Fall semester slowly creeps upon us all, I thought I’d take this as an opportunity to talk about some of the things I’ve previously bought for college that I either completely abandoned or got tired of extremely quick:

  1. Extra Storage. Having places to store things is great don’t get me wrong, you throw stuff in you don’t need and hide it under your bed as long as forever allows and it’s no problem right? Wrong. Extra storage bins leaves you with more room to clutter and let’s face it, when it’s time to move out at the end of the year all those storage bins become a nuisance.
  2. All the decorations that should’ve never been. It’s totally okay to want to put a touch of you in a place you’re staying in BUT you’ll find that most of the decorations you have will have earned a designated spot on or inside your desk a few weeks after the semester starts. I’d say to just limit yourself to the decorations you know you’ll use for sure.
  3. pillows. Pillows. PILLOWS. Now I LOVE pillows and when I heard the “you can never have too many pillows on your bed” I ran with it but it’s definitely not true. There is DEFINITELY A SUCH THING AS TOO MANY PILLOWS. You won’t use all ten of those pillows trust me I know. So, although it may be cute at first glance, remember that you are sleeping on a twin bed. Less is more.
  4. An accent Rug. It’s an amazing touch to your dorm room but does it really need to take up half of the floor? If you’re living in a dorm with hardwood floors like I am, dirt and dust is your rugs worst enemy. The rug is usually for you to step on when you get in and out of bed so it should be fairly small. You won’t realize it’s there half of the time so my only tip to you is to make sure that it’s something you can clean easily or pop in the washing machine when it’s time.
  5. Silverware and Dishes. I’m not going to tell you not to buy things to eat with at all because you have to eat but washing dishes in a standard bathroom sink is such a pain! Plus if you didn’t enjoy washing dishes in your parent’s home, you won’t do it on your own, that is until you’re about to make noodles and you realize there aren’t any clean bowls left. Stick to plastic or styrofoam, they’re disposable. You’ll thank me later I promise!
  6. Laundry Bag/Pop-up Hamper. Although these are decorative and stylish dragging them down to the laundry room is a workout! I realized this was a mistake the first weekend I decided to wash clothes. Try to find something durable with sturdy handles like a laundry basket, they’re much easier to tote around. If you’re truly stuck on having a laundry bag though, I recommend looking for a backpack laundry bag, they’re really snazzy looking and are also better alternatives opposed to a regular laundry bag.

That wraps up my list of investment regrets and the attempt to help keep you from making anything similar.




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