The One Where We Turn Two

It's July! My favorite month of the year for many, many reasons. Well, okay, maybe just one really big reason.  For literal decades, because I'm old, the start of July meant that my birthday was just two weeks away. That meant finalizing plans, making sure you look and act the part all the days up … Continue reading The One Where We Turn Two


21 + Thankful

I have officially been on this earth for twenty-one years. 21. Two decades with an extra year on top. twenty-one on the rocks. The nations favorite year. (possibly debatable but who knows) I've reach an impressive milestone. That's a long time, but of course I'm thankful, I mean why wouldn't I be right? Right. Which … Continue reading 21 + Thankful

Self Love +

February has been one hell of a ride which is crazy because we're only on the 14th day, which reminds me: Happy Valentine's Day lovers! I'm lost in procrastination with friends and conversation around me, winding down from the 'throw me something mister's' of Mardi Gras (oddly enough I didn't participate this year) and embracing … Continue reading Self Love +

Hello February

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” - Andy Warhol January is finally over and it's too bad I couldn't change that myself or Warhol would've been on to something. I'm almost one-hundred percent sure no one saw that coming, I mean seriously January? It was like the same day … Continue reading Hello February